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2001-10-25, 11:51 a.m.

where to start. dillusional hopless christians, free concerts, girls night out?

I cant even remember where to begin. Ok so i had to write this article on Six Clips but i put it off and luckily the Pledge of Allegiance person emailed telling me i had no go on the guest list so i convinced my editor to let me turn in Six Clips late, arguing that since they have no POA that i should improve Six Clips. BUT then POA ended up putting me on the guest list so i had a totally unnessisary extention. i was planning to get a re interview due to the erased minidisk because the first interview is a complette blur due to the whole porno drinking etc previous night . But that never happened, instead we went to POA where the incompent COBO arena people tried to prohibit us from enjoying our night but instead we just used the backstage door as an entry point. which i think made the night that much better. i dont know why im writting this all. probably becasue im in a similar hazy state to saturday night.

Anyways im going to get back to bullshiting my article. Which is a common practice.

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