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2001-10-27, 5:01 p.m.

its good to know that most agree with attributing any blame to the television.

The winning suggestions (paraphrased): simply become more slutty. Get drunk and join a sorrority.

that one chick that is always making out with you shes pretty hot. maybe you should place yourself in a strategic location when wanting to hook up with a guy. hell become so aroused that hell do all the work getting you into bed.

(kissing me good bye is far from making out)

your signals are so confusing. no one can ever tell if you like them or hate them. you need to work on your communication skills. It is akward because it is you that is making it akward

(okay einstein. did you forget the problem in the first place ?)

then ofcourse my favourite: LOTS AND LOTS OF LIQUOR.

Last night for this halloween party i was the american cheerleader of death. I was going to be a world trade center employee but that idea was vetoed

the night before was even better. I was three feet away from steven tyler. and i was taking pictures

then i had a slumber party with Five as we always do when we skip film class to go to a concert. anyways he had this dream chino marino of the deftones was trying to assasinate him.

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