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2001-12-11, 3:23 p.m.

i dont think i am such a headache i think it is the extending circumstances of my life. nothing is ever simple

panties for example.

roomie: have you seen my black thong.

me: yes i think i may have it.

roomie: you have my red underware.

me: no i dont

five: do you guys share underware?


five: then why....(insert five million questions) that we ignore

roomie: this label is cut. i think i ripped mine.

me: since your six inches shorter than me, the smaller pair would be yours.

roomie: fuck the ripped label is the slightly larger pair.

five: why wont someone explain to me why you have eachotehrs underwear.

this is the reason why my life gives other people headaches.

first they invovle themselves with mundane details (not satisfied with oh they switched underware)

second they need the full detailed description- we did laundry together. yes we do have the same brand of underware. because that was what was out when we went on our shopliffting spree.

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