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graphical user interfaces
2002-02-05, 11:22 p.m.

dearest diaryland

i am taking a moment to be serious.

because believe it or not ive been seriously contemplating some concepts. insomnia. i have this technology and the moving image class. we talk about graphical user interfaces and shit like that. so i decided to apply that to the human condition.

my friend asked me a few days ago whether i believe in the concept of multiple soulmates.

now if you think of humans like a computer program that goes out and gathers data this will make sense. human = interface

each experience we have changes us. if our experience is executed like a loop, like our senses take in information, then each experience could alter the program.

if you touch a hot stove and feel pain, your interface adjust so that you dont touch the hot stove.

its growth. we grow from experience and each experience changes our code (so to speak)

so now on to the concept of soulmates. so i think soulmates should be someone who nourishes growth (and ofcourse puts out) but your nourishing of their growth and their nourishing of your growth should be a symbiotic relationship.

so since we change through experience there is a large chance the perfect fit at a given instant in time wont be perfect in the long run. due to this concept of interface and coding adjustment due to data gathering

therefore there are multiple fits depending on your experiences and growth.

i note this because my ex

is trying to come back. but i realize there was a time when i would have given anything. when the fit was perfect.

now unfortunately is not the time. dont get me wrong, soulful match and bootycall are different things.

i wish sometiems i could just turn my mind off

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