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village of the damned
2004-01-12, 3:31 p.m.

do you want to scare yourself shitless? this is my recomendation- practice some good old fashion sleep deprevation.

once you are sort of delerious lay down and watch a good old fashion horror movie like night of the living dead or village of the damned, the original black and white one.

since your sleep deprived at this point you wont make it through the whole movie and will probably loose conciousness around the middle when everyone in the film seems royal fuct and in worst case scenario.

then as the dialogue begins to fade into lucid dreams induced by the catch up deep sleep you are taken into that wonderful dreamland of horror.

sometimes though this dreamland of horror creeps into real life. all day at work i had been practicing the spooky voice from village of the damned which was really entertaining the rest of the people around me and most importantly myself until i looked up and saw that the coustmer had those freeky village of the damned eyes. my laughter just sorta fell off as she ordered her latte and i was really tempted to be like, you must tell me... are you from midwhich.

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