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why do people hate vegans
2004-01-29, 7:22 p.m.

so i figered that i would keep being vegan a secret.

you know whats more fuct up than being vegan? that sayign you care abotu animals and still eating meat. how can you eat meat and be like oh i care about animals. obviously not, cuz animals are treated so badly.

but im not vegan for the animals.

its not that i care specifically about animals. im not doing it for the animals im doing it for me. i dont want this shit they put in cows in me.

but i find it funny that people say vegan is unhealthy as they smoke cigaretes.

anyways. i figer people who bitch about vegans are just you know mad that they dont have enoug hself disapline to go through with it.

but thats not what i signed on to write. i signed on to write an essay but i forgoten now. why because as allways when i try to be sober someone always offers me a beer .

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