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vegetable oil cars and hammocks, oh my life is sweet and wonderful
2006-04-19, 4:44 p.m.

so it is true! in my crusade to leave the least impact on the planet i can i have joined the vegetable oil car revolution!

a car that runs on used vegetable oil, its a free way to get around!

im working on converting my work to vegetable oil. its an uphill battle. at least i live in a state that doesnt recognize vegetable oil as a commodity (unlike california)

not much else, still learning to creep around the woods and desert undetected and live with nothing and have everything i could ever want. apache scout style- this is an uphill battle as well and worth it.

the sun is shinning and my work is hardly work living outdoors, getting a tan, reading, and drinking tea. oh yeah and changing lives.

apparently there is a great future in adventure therapy which is wonderful to hear as my awesoem job has an awesome job security.

and i got almost a two hundred dollar raise this month... for what? for simply showing up to work. i kid not.

not to mention im getting paid to travel and take a class and oh by the way can i have an extra week off to learn some sweet martial arts from a shaolin master?

no problem! i love my job.

i wonder when my hammock is going to come, yeah i get paid to sleep in a hammock. i also hear that come june i get paid to take a siesta!

hurrah for the good life.

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