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making the video?
2002-08-23, 8:39 p.m.

it seems i cant do anything with easy. there are always minor complications which i suspect i should appreciate because i regard them as exciting little suprises to my life. like little detours or something. photo passes getting lost, accidentaly insulting people you know the usual.

so i am going to do a video for lollipop lust kill which is this band from toledo. they are pretty cool and they have these clever stage outfitts which is probably the real reason i like them.

so i come up with one idea, because when i listen to songs i can see images in my head, its annoying sometimes like having water in your ear after swimming. but wat is the point of making a video if it is not helpful becuase of lyrics.

then i come up with another one for the song their manager wants to do, because hey, who doesnt like breaking things.

but no i have to do the most uninspiring song on the entire album. well i dont have to but its the best for them i guess. so my new idea for now, since i cant think of anything else, is to have the singer driving around in a car shooting people

im not sure why im so violent lately

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