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250,000 dollar wedding
2002-12-29, 9:59 a.m.

i went to a 250,000 dollar wedding. and i was the guest of honor as token white trash, even so im not reilly trash, when your shlumin with rich folk that blow a quarter million in one night it can seem that way.

i got to sit at lucky table 13, so that was cool. and i got wasted on fine booze so that was cool. and some kid that was mean to me in highschool served me sushi, and i didnt bother saying thank you so that was cool.

but dude the cake was good, but i was too wasted to finish it, i should have concidering it was about 10 dollars a bite. so duh, that was cool.

none the less , it was nice to see how that side lives, especially the confused look on thair faces wen i had to go because my date had to work in the morning. not that we couldnt stay and party resilently (hello its before 10am and im up writing this) but the word work seemed to be a mystery to them. i like introducing new vocabulary into peoples lives.

so that was cool.

and thanks to robbie for being my last minute date.

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