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waht a great weekend
2002-10-20, 4:10 p.m.

saying things outloud makes them come true. i declared only strippers can keep me from my paper, i really fucking doent want to do it. alas i dident do my paper because i was in canada, checking out strippers. and not of my own doing, i just happened to have a friend randomly going to canada.

on a side note

my weekend started on thursday

and after staying up i managed to get my ass to class on tiem, and my teacher proceeded to by me coffee. then i found out work paid me for wednessday even so they told me not to come. liek volentarily payed me not by accident.

plus strippers. id say successful.

but ontop of it all after running friday through 3 hours of class (a class i got out 1 hour early from) and 6 hours of work i dident want to cook.

and i dident have to. i got home and there was food in my fridge. it ruled. high five for my sister having to pee and leaving my scrumdidillyumtious food. rules.

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