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the white stripes are running my life!
2004-03-21, 12:42 p.m.

indie rockers infact do not rock out and meg white is ruining my life!

so i was at this indie rock detroit show and i noticed that no one thair dances its like the head nod and thats it. so fuck that.

after much room moving and rearrangment,

me and antighost one found the perfect cove, with no smokers and no people stage right in the corner.

so everything is cool and dandy, the sirens are playing and they sound like motley crue but they are a girl band so thats cool UNTIL slowly our little cove starts getting taken over and this girl infront of me starts chain smoking.

and low and behold its meg white. shes cool she seems nice but my problem isnt with her personally its with the fact that all the head bobbing lamos seem to gravitate towards her thus taking over our dancing cove!

simple solution, we move, simple right? no not simple!

jackwhite, who i didnt notice even ccuz i was deperetly seekign shelter from all these indie scensters was sitting on anti ghost ones bag.

is that enough of the whites? no no it is not!

because waiting in line for the bathroom way on the other side of the venue antighost one and i are drunkely chatting when a careles cigarette smoker burns antighost one.

and who the fuck is it, who the fuck is carlessly wielding thier cigareete?

its meg white!

she was cool though she kept apologizing and i really wanted to be like if you are sorry can you please just make sure you are on that oposite side of the room as us?

nothing personal but you seem to attract too much attention.

anyways apart from that the detroit cobras were cool tehy seemed bitter and they took an asthma inhaler break. no seriously they did, they are old school.

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