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birthday week
2005-05-06, 2:41 a.m.

so i decided that insteady of celebating one day for ever 365 days a year, id have one week every 52 weeks a year to celebrate my birth

lets see the best present was birthday dinner vegan quiche and rasberry chocolate cake (which i am still enjoying as we speak er as i write).

followed in a close second by my ipod, a gift from one of my best friends via a mechanic that randomly helped him wiht some spark plugs

tonite was pretty hot too, movie night and a bachelor party which i dont know why i was invited to

tommorow is a hot night in tha D. with great company at the adult. show (the band not the porno)

and then wraping things up is an interview with my favourite entertianer this year wednesday 13

and finally a chill sunday will wrap up the fesitivities.

oh yeah i got more of my tattoo today.

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