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being a wimp and a lamo
2003-12-08, 12:35 p.m.

i have decided apart from the vigillanti thing im a pretty big wimp and i have a pretty pathetic life as of late. seeing as i spent both friday and saturday at the dollar show drinking.

im a wimp because after seeing texas chainsaw massacre we had to sleep in my housemates room because he has some swords and our house is to big and scary.

and im lame cuz we have nothing better to do than get drunk at the dollar show.

but as soon as i get over this 6 week killer cold/ flu i will have many exciting adventures to report. seeing as we are making a road trip there has got to be something exciting coming up.

stay tuned

ps its really weird but this guy who comes in everyday for a soy mocha with an extra shot looks exactly like the first guy who got killed in texas chainsaw massacre. unconivincing jessica beils boyfriend. we thought it was the same dude except the dude that comes in is mixt. but he has same hair same smile same nose, except his deep tan. i wonder if he is aware of his remarkeble resemblance

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