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suffering and getting what i wish for
2005-03-07, 10:41 a.m.

i am a god i am a faceless warrior

Back in the day, two years ago there was a situation and i handeled it pretty poorly but the best i could at the time give the tools i had.

and upon growing and cleansing an dpurifying i always said to myself if i suffered such grief i wuold be strong and handel it complettley different

thats the funny thing about wishing, often we dont reall mean what we say, or rather we arent really inviting the opprutunity, just soothing our wounds.

well, i seem to have the power of will to words to reality and for lack of any better words, i got slammed.

ofcourse the situation was complettly different, no life taking no blood on my hands, just unexpected grief.

and i am doing it right this time. every situation is a mirror sent to teach me something. and i finally am getting it right this time.

Loss is challegning but the key is to be the eye of the storm. the calm. and then you sail across easily. minor discomfort reveals the true suffering.

and when you look the demon in the face and call it by name, it has no power over you.

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