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dear asshole, karma is a bitch and i am still doing something for you in your best interest
2003-05-08, 12:13 p.m.

Dear former roomate rob:

aint karma a bitch.

so when act like a mega jerk you get punished.

i think the fact jeremiah shaved his balls on multiple occasions with your face shaver is a good punishment for you, asshole.

my complaints about you are as follows:

generally beign a cheap dick and being selfcentered with no regard to anyone but yourself.

building me a computer that never worked properly and also loosing 250 dollars in a service credit. the computer five months later still dosent work

not giving me any money for the last couple months electric bills

doing no cleaning on move out

being subhuman

and telling my friend you did me a favour by moving here. i did your girlfriend a favour cuz i could have lived with hottie scottie. which would have been way cooler since he isnt anal and cheap and subhuman.

not to mention picking your ass up from idaho spending my own money on gas missing work getting you a job....

and even after all this i am writing you to let you know not to hang out with mike. this is because he is a crankfreak. he has no qulams about stealing and will fuck you over inevitabley. me and stephen are not living with him because he is shady. he tried to have sex with kelly while she was passed out drunk. he tried to bring home some people from the fleetwood that he wanted to do drugs with. this is shady behaviour. im not telling this to you because i care in the least about you. im telling you this because i dont want him near kaia.



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