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anticipating the move
2004-11-27, 8:40 a.m.

you know how the ancipitaion of christmas was amazing as a kid. the rumbly excitment in your stomach at the explotation of our innocence in the name of consumerism?

no seriously though, at the though of tearing apart carefully wrapped presents which meant at least for a little bit there was the promise of a profoundly joyful experience.

well its hit me this year. not for looking for the fat dude with his sack of crap but forward to a day that holds as much hope for bliss as christmas day did with its promise of toys.

the realization of the possiblity of change.
and this year im not looking to unpack new gifts from the tree, but pack up my car with all the wonderful material items i already have.

then it is out west.

i get little flashes of freedom in my minds eye. lilttle snipets of mountains, sunshine, and robin egg blue sky. (and for those of you who dont know, robin blue is THE "in" blue for this season. thanks vanity fair magazine! ) the intensity of nature, the wilds which have a few hundred years of unpolluted life up on the citys of the east

while my new job in Utah job doesnt start until february of march it sure doesnt make any sense to stick around here. especially in the poisionis living situation i have now, have had over the last two years. i really have underestimated the value of shelter

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