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why i am one of gods chosen peeps
2004-01-25, 1:08 p.m.

i used to think i was simply lucky. but now i think i believe in god, or something.

because everytime i say jeez god cant you hook me up it hapins.

for example, and this isent that great an example but bear with yo cuz its all my week long hung over ass can think of rite now.

so i need black rubber car mats for my car and i was like god, please im broke, so hook it up here. and i look and all the mats are 27 dollars so i walk down the car isle asking dude, god whats the deal? then miracles of miracles i find one set of black mats accidentally marked 7.99 instead of 27.99

okay so lame yeah whatever i am keenly observant. but yo check this out. i was like hey god, i need to do some cool documentary, and god was like hey yo here is ted nugent.

and the more i think about it my life is super good. i usually end up dating who i pick out, although it always ends in disaster, i take pictures of rockstars for a living, and i get to go to cuba on a buisness trip, specifically a buisness trip to take beach photos.

so altough it may seem that the 7.99 mats are a fluke you got to chigitycheck the overal patern yo.

so now, yo god. i need a mac, or at least a lcd screen.

yeah im probably still drunk, but at least i made it to work on time!

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