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glutonous revelry
2002-04-30, 8:48 a.m.

yesterday, i think my roomate and myself reached an ultimate low.

taking tuperware to the all you can eat indian buffet justifying stealing food with "we fill up so fast its only fair to take some home" can hardly be seen as a move with any sort of class

but i must give us credit for pulling the feat off. the staff was none the wiser, even after we "polished off" five plates piled high with curry and makhnia

we devised various methods of getting food from our plates to our containers but for futurre reference the most successful by far was placing the main dish on nan (indian bread) and flipping it into our lap based awaiting plastic.

i will not have to buy food for the rest of the week which is rather convienent seeing now i am homeless (sorta)

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