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2003-12-23, 4:26 p.m.

its a very nice thing to wake up to a picture of a monkey drinking absinthe.

what the fuck is wrong with america. i ask my self this question less frequently now because less things shock me. but seriously how more tacky and insulting then building a "freedom tower"?

dear potential terrorist nation-

america would like to notify you as well as further invite mass destruction and rettribution with the errection of the new "freedom tower" that is to replace the old twin towers.

we understand that freedom to us means freedom for us to live our overly consuming lives at the cost of every other nation that may or may not get in our way. consider this giant symbol of our destructive consumer nation as a large invatation to replay the events of 9 - 11. we look forward to new creative methods of destruction and the day off from work.

fuck you very much and have a nice day

i mean realistically they mite as well paint it stars and concentric stripes.

it better snow soon. i want to go sledding.

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