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score one for me, a good christmas
2003-12-25, 8:09 p.m.

I used to think i was a closet grinch.

I hate the consumerism of christmas, the stupid party apperances, feeling oblidged to give gifts to people you dont liek , or at least obligide to feel guilty about not liking them and now they know that because you didnt give into the social blackmail knowen as gift exchange.

but i think i would like christmas more if i can spending it like i did this one, the best christmas ever. in my pjs and watching movies. oh and eating icecream.

plus trouble paid my 17 dollar late fine at porn, im mean panorama so now i can rent videos again.

two side notes:

a. fine cinema was pulp fiction. isnt that a great fucking movie. brilliant.

b. it snowed and thats all i wanted so now i can go sledding.

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