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day 11 of fury and ma new housemates
2003-05-16, 1:06 p.m.

day 11 of fury!

so i have these new housemates and they are sorrostitutes. well one is confirmed the other one is still under suspicion but the evidence weighs heavy against her,

the confirmed one is avoiding me because apparently my marilyn manson lunch box offended her in some way. im like look you guys have lots in common... skinny... fashion concious... its not like i am remotely goth either.

but i can deal i mean i have a dishwasher in the apartment! which actually is lame because they put it on with three dishes in it. and they dont really eat so its useless. but its there incase i decide to have a fancy dinner. oh and the other fancy life appliance is that spray hose thing and the brita water filter directly attached to the sink. pretty high life im living eh?


the lekage from my eye sockets has stopped. humans are awful to eachother.

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