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system of a down eats sirloin steak
2002-02-24, 3:46 p.m.

this weeks special thanks goes out to system of a down and mindless self indulgence

MSI really tried to give me their lunch meat so i could be healthy this week but their tour manager pulled a bait and switch and i ended up in system of a downs cattering. unfortunatley my pocketful of narcotics had left me un hungry and the site of sirloin steak and salmon made me sick.

and even if i was hungry how was i suppost to eat steak? there was no ketchup and no steak knives.

the worst part is i couldnt take any of it home, where as lunch meat can be wraped in napkins and easily concieled id have a hard time sneaking out thick cuts of dripping meat. so i had to settle on filling up with desert.

oh and check this out. this is almost as good as hot topic theft prevention

i video taped the soad set. so when the security guard came up to me i thought i was fucked. no no no. i had to move not becasue i had a camera in my hand, but the railling in front of me was dangerously loose.

sometimes i wonder how im so smooth.

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