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haters call me bitch call me faggot call me whitey... but i am something you will never be
2003-05-21, 12:47 a.m.

the guys from seether rule. unfortunately today was not my day so i felt like a drone for most of the interview. i simply stated my agenda...

lets not talk about bullshit im tired of talking about bullshit. lets have an educated conversation because right now im starving for intelectual stimulation

i guess since i really have no journalistic skills what so ever my throw shit out there depending on my mood has been pretty sucessful. otherwise its the dreadlocks.

i also discovered i have a lot of hommies at x-men security, which is definetly a plus!

ps. its day 15 of the 30 days of fury which unfortantley prevented me from chowing down wiht tha boys but still i had good dinner conversation. i feel great. except for the accidental what the fuck did you drug my drugs with smoking this past weekend... that will throw anyones rehab attempts throw a loop. never again a blunt for old time sake, especially in tha D.

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