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christmas cheer?
2004-12-23, 8:18 a.m.

this time of year, while most people conciousness is consumed by the looming deadline of T minus days until..... i lay awake at 4am with thaut of privitized prizon systems, foregin policy, and Peta dancing in my head.

something about the shopping masses steamroller attempts to find the hot 200 dollar toy their kid should have but they cant find so your a bad parent (and dont forget to stuff his face full of refined sugar and mcdonalds to make up for it) sends me into a profound moment of guilt over being human.

it starts as a little trickle as i realize no one recycles even their price tags which, in the enormity of the season, piles high. then on to chrtistmas wrap, and you see wair this is headed.

the snowball effect brings us to those in the concentration camps of the united states. how can you privitize a jail-that means someone is making a profit off those jails.

and the doublya has his eye on a few key changes to the judicial branch, all in all, the end goal putting black people, actually let me expand that, poor people in slave labour positions. and when you have cheap labour why would you want to pay to rehabilitize a drug adict when locking him in prison will guarentee that if he does get out and get clean, he ll be back soon enoughbecause he cant extinguish the left over rage and anguish.

that brings us to Peta and their new bilboard in NY. wool farming is quite disgusting.

the funniest part of it to me is that anyone with my spirit of christmas is called a scrooge when actually it should be the exact opposite. what scrooge wasn't concered with was the wellfare of others. what he did love was money. and isnt that what this christmas season has turned into. its a joke, kind of like how jesus is always anglo-saxon or like saying george bush is a christian.

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