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more holiday fun, this time boozing
2003-12-27, 3:36 p.m.

so i figered that i was just getting old becuase wair as last year this timish i could booze all i wanted and yet still feel fine, this year ive been terribly lethargic.

i thaut to myself oh dear im getting old, but no, im not old, i just had mono.

last night my old housemate came to visit and made my christmas further more the best christmas ever. i was wasted and continued to get wasted. and im back to normal becuase six hours of sleep later i have no hang over and im actually doing soem work.

for a minute i was scared there. oh mono.

too bad im not telling trouble the reason why hes sleeping 14 hours a day and feeling like all around shit.

im going to let him continue thinking that there is something seriously wrong and hes dying.

its finding joy in the small things in life.

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