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still sorta hazy
2003-04-01, 9:10 a.m.

its all coming back to me now

i forgot in detroit when they asked us in the "icebreaker" circle to state our reason for coming, apparently my brain stopped functioning and i was forsed to tell the truth.

"I am ashamed to be white"

my dear friend sarah came to visit for a nite so i was detroit and getting drunk. i got this reilly fly ring, its a dollar sign but its a ladies ring all at the same time.

so last nite i had to fotograph. no not a hatefest

but a pansy rock. paloalto and um. the soundtrack of my life (ithink)

anyways i was all fucked up still on accident, im suprised i made it there.

i forgot that i reilly liek doing intervews. people are so interesting, especially musicians. sometimes they sit and talk normal, other times political, or like a dick.

its a whole poperi of people, hip hop artists being the especially gratious hosts. and when i accidentally injsult them its okay cuz im white.

i hope this is making sense.

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